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    “Gone are the days of going up treadmills and bench presses. That’s boring!” says Mike Dolce. “We have a better workout that the most talented, most conditioned athletes use. And we can do it in your own home.”

    If you want a body like the fighters, you have to train like the fighters. Mike Dolce, official coach of UFC FIT, takes the Canadian news channels by storm with the launch of UFC FIT (Full-Intensity Training). These reporters undergo just 45 minutes with Mike Dolce (the average duration of one UFC FIT workout DVD) to get a taste of how MMA fighters prepare to achieve fight-winning performances and knock-out bodies.

    As the only UFC-approved training system, Mike Dolce has developed the ultimate lifestyle program that gives you all the necessary tools for healthier eating, optimal exercising, and overall better living. Watch the video to see Canada’s news reporters train like champions and learn more about the UFC FIT 12-week Lifestyle Program.

      Mike Dolce, the leading fitness trainer in mixed martial arts, teams with the Ultimate Fighting Championship to bring to you the acme of at-home fitness programs.

      Finally, the keys to successful weight loss and healthy living are available to fighters and non-fighters alike with the newest lifestyle package, UFC FIT (Full-Body Intensity Training).

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        Johny Hendricks unveils his first encounter with Mike Dolce and how he has since become a firm believer. Find out why Dolce has earned the trust of #1 Welterweight Contender in the world and how he has developed UFC FIT with a truly mixed martial arts approach.

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          With all that the Air Force demands both physically and mentally, it’s no wonder that they have banded with UFC FIT coach Mike Dolce. Here, Dolce visits Davis-Monthan Air Force Base with current UFC Bantamweight Champion, Dominick Cruz, to offer U.S. service men and women the proper knowledge on fitness and nutrition to fuel their bodies and minds for optimal performance.


            When it comes to being one of the best conditioning coaches in MMA, Mike Dolce seems to win by unanimous decision. Hear what he has to say about the innovative fitness and nutrition lifestyle program he designed with The Ultimate Fighting Championship, how he differentiates UFC FIT from other at-home fitness programs and which UFC fighters he might be working with next. Do you think Mike Dolce can help Daniel Cormier go from 248 lbs to 205 lbs?

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              Mike Dolce visits Action News in Las Vegas, the “fight capital of the world,” to talk about Fight Week, the UFC Fan Expo and UFC FIT. Watch him demonstrate a few UFC FIT-exclusive workouts designed to tone and strengthen your body.

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