Mike Dolce 2013 World MMA Awards - Trainer of the Year

Competing on season seven of The Ultimate Fighter® and training with some of the top athletes in the sport such as Thiago Alves, Michael Bisping, Johny Hendricks and Gray Maynard, Mike Dolce is qualified to present the UFC FIT program.

"In broad terms, I am a whole food advocate with an emphasis on longevity science, as opposed to performance nutrition. The Dolce Diet has been proven successfully at the highest levels of mixed martial arts. What makes my methods unique, is that they are equally employed by those seeking to extend general health and wellness, as they are by those looking to extend athletic potential."
-- Mike Dolce

Once 280 pounds, Dolce transformed his body and lifestyle by effective exercise and dietary principles. Dolce is now 195 pounds, with only 5 percent body fat. Now, for you, he has based the entire UFC FIT program on those principles he learned and developed. He has personally seen results, and he has helped some of the best athletes in the world do the same.


"What makes UFC FIT different than every other workout out there is Mike Dolce. We don’t cut corners. We don’t do anything halfway. When we got the idea for UFC FIT, Mike Dolce was the guy we had to have."
-- Dana White


"Mike Dolce is the preeminent coach in mixed martial arts when it comes to pre-fight preperation. His knowledge of nutrition and strength & conditioning has led him to be one of the most highly sought after coaches in the sport."
-- Josh Carey Bleacher Report / August 2011

"All is well with my preparation and weight. I’m not fat, but I do have some extra pounds, so I started working with Mike Dolce on my diet. He’s teamed up with my wife and now that they’ve spoken, she has a lot of new recipes and ideas. It’ll be the first time I do this type of diet, but I think it’s what I need right now. Mike is an expert and this is a new thing I’m learning. I always love when I can be a student of the sport."
-- Gilbert Melendez stated in his UFC blog

"Dolce has definitely changed my life, my career. I’ve been working with him for over a year now. … I feel much better, I walk around much lighter. I pack a lot more muscle and less fat than the way I used to. And my energy level is through the roof."
-- Thiago "PITBULL" Alves

"If you’re looking for some amazing toning exercises to do this summer, these moves – from Ultimate Fighting Championship training program, UFC FIT – will knock you out, I mean that in the good way."
-- Glamour

"Within seconds of pressing play, Dolce was asking me to squat, jump, kick and punch as if a real-life opponent was staring me down from across the living room. I powered through, and by round four was quite sweaty and more than a little out of breath."
-- The Huffington Post